Iconic photographer and documentarian Estevan Oriol presents SanctionedTV.com, a channel that puts viewers at the frontline of some of the world's most compelling, respected, and sometimes misunderstood artistic and cultural movements.

Living on YouTube, SanctionedTV.com is a portal dedicated to the one-of-a-kind cultures, characters and creativity that inspire Oriol, as he encounters them at home, in Los Angeles, and across the world.

Take a seat next to some of the world's most inimitable tattoo artists - from Mister Cartoon to Jack Rudy - in Tattoo Stories, coming to you every Tuesday. On Wednesdays get up close and personal with Oriol's most eye-popping subject, L.A Women; or flick to Skid Row Stories to meet the people that rule "the 'Row", broadcasting Thursdays.